Instruments: guitar, laspsteel and theremin

Bio: Ciro Visconti was born in São Paulo, Brazil. Visconti founded of many bands and projects, including the Quadrivium Guitars Quartet, who performed throughout Brazil, and years later resulted in the creation of Souza Lima’s Guitars Orchestra, which has performed not only in Brazil, but also in the United States. Visconti develops a didactic work of music and guitar through lessons and workshops in Brazil and abroad, including his work at Souza Lima Conservatory since 1999, and many publications in the Guitar Player Magazine Brazil. In 2010, in a partnership with the publisher of the magazine, Visconti released his book “Guitar Player Brazil – Study Series, Vol 1″, which had its first edition sold out in less than a year. Besides his work with the Diafanes since 2003, Ciro has participated in projects in Japan, composed soundtracks for plays and won the award “Jornada de Musicais” by SESC in 1994, for his work on the soundtrack and musical direction of the play “The Time Of apotheoses ” by Vic Militello. In February 2009 Visconti received an award by the American company Ernie Ball and the Guitar Player Magazine, and was featured in U.S. magazine. Currently Visconti is a music master degree student at the University of São Paulo (USP).