Founded in 2002 in Sao Paulo, Brazil, the high energy rock band Diafanes seek a departure from common rock, exploring original sonorities and timbers. The band’s body of work is inspired by Sao Paulo itself, a city built by immigrants from across the world, and reflected through the music’s strong ethnic influences. Their shows often include a belly dance performance, as well as the use of exotic instruments such as the Brazilian cuíca and triangle, theremin, castanets, and koto (Japanese harp).

The band released 3 albums, plus singles and EPs, performed 5 international tours, including shows at the SXSW in Austin and the National Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington DC. In 2012, as a celebration of the band’s 10th anniversary, the band released their third album, entitled ” Ave”, which features 10 tracks – 5 in Portuguese and 5 in English. The album was recorded at Studio Nimbus in Sao Paulo, and mixed in Los Angeles by the Grammy award winner engineer Darrell Thorp (Paul McCartney, Radiohead and Beck) and mastered in New York by Michael Fossenkemper (Madonna, Sting and Jimi Hendrix).

Diafanes receives national and international acclaim since the beginning of the band’s career, not only for the originality of his work, but also for the fusion of music with visual arts, dance and technology.



Diafanes brings those multi-cultural influences to the forefront (…) they put enough spin on their sound, which is distinctly Brasilian, to make it quite unique.

The Washington Times

Their music sounds pretty rulin’. No joke.

Moutain X

Created in 2002, the quartet from São Paulo follows the style of Smashing Pumpkins: climatic rock, leaded by the vocalists delicate voice. The first CD impresses.

Thales de Menezes

Diafanes is known for absolutely different music (…) with an inspiring combination between extraordinary rock and performance art.

Autona Magazine (Germany)


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